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About Me

I'm Krystyna, a twenty-something Zoology graduate from Glasgow. I moved to the Highlands in 2016 to be closer to nature, discovering a love of photography along the way. 

My happy place is behind my camera with an interesting species in front of me. While I have a soft spot for the local Bottlenose dolphins (who I had the joy of working with for 3 years), my main subject of interest tends to be birds. They're accessible, colourful, and universal; birds inhabit every available habitat on this beautiful, blue Earth so there's a diversity to them that you just don't see anywhere else. I take great pride in my home country and its amazing wildlife, so if it's in Scotland and breathes, I'll probably take a photo of it. I'm also lucky enough to travel on occasion to some truly wonderful locations elsewhere in the world - you can find photos from these places in the Far, Far Away gallery.

I volunteer for WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) and RSPB, where I get to share my knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts.